“There are visible and invisible forces in operation in our lives, but all visible to God and God still holds the power of healing”.

“Our physical senses as human beings might not perceive when things are not ok, but our emotional and spiritual senses can discern when our system is not in balance:

 “Sometimes in order for us to see change in our situations, there's got to be some things that have to be destroyed to be restored”

“Man was created to dwell in God's presence, Like fish live in water; Like birds soaring in the winds. Like plants prospering in rich soil. Our hunger and thirst for him, lead us to give up our cherished machismo and worship him openly in front of total strangers.

We push toward him like thirsty roots penetrative dry ground”.

“We have been given the truth that can set us free. We have been given the truth that liberates our minds, souls and our spirits. I would suggest for now we focus our energies on how we can change our lives and not on why we had to go through what we went through”.